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What is coaching?

One of the ways, and there are many, of explaining what coaching is as follows. Coaching is a place of safety for someone to feel comfortable and to be able to think and speak without interruption or judgement.

When I first meet a client, we will talk about the goals they are trying to reach. Whether they are aware of their goals or not, doesn’t matter, both are totally fine. We will talk about their situation now, what they may wish to change and where they see their journey going. We can talk about a personal or business-related issue. During our discussions this allows them to talk freely and be confident in deciding their own next steps. Talking without interruption or judgment is also a great way of expressing their own ideas. As their coach I will give them encouragement and motivation to believe in themselves. People are brilliant already, but it may be that they need a helping hand to continue being brilliant and or be even more brilliant!

One thing I love about coaching is the question ‘why am I talking’? Why is it that we feel the need to interrupt people to prove we know better? I love the magic of a coaching session allowing the client to talk and think, and who is to say what I might say is better than what they are saying.

I totally believe in the possibility for a client and will encourage their own thoughts to freely flow. I was in a session this week with one client and they were struggling with a job they hate. So, we spoke about what her plans were for changing this and even in the Pandemic she had other choices of work. During the session though she suddenly leapt up and said, ‘I feel so inspired talking with you I want to show you my art’. It turned out that this lady has not had the motivation to get back into her art by discussing the worries around her job, she even had the confidence to say, “I am really good at art”. This led to her showing me some pieces of her very talented work. So, whilst coaching is great for dealing with issues and topics people know they wish to address, it can also be limitless to what else they might unfold as they start talking in the environment of safety and peace.

Another client was really struggling with diary management and felt that in order to achieve new business she needed better time management. For her, this was such a large mountain that she just couldn’t see a way out.

Having discussed the diary management, we discovered she current didn’t even have her own diary. They always say, “a problem shared is a problem halved” and I think this is a great example of how talking through your concerns can allow simple things to be implemented to massively improve your work.

We then talked about the ‘mountain’ she felt she had to climb when winning new business. She shared her struggles with organisation, and that she didn’t have the confidence to approach people with her incredible business and ideas. All of a sudden, she said “I can see it!” She described to me a beautiful rainbow, and we discussed the colours, the content of these colours and her position on the rainbow. It turned out that the mountain she had previously described was actually a rainbow. She could visualise the hard work she was implementing now through climbing up the rainbow would soon allow for her to be sliding down the other side screaming “WEEEEEE” with a large glass of prosecco!

From our discussion in a safe, non-judgemental environment with no interruption, that her mountain wasn’t as bad as she had thought. With the confidence and effort to approach people for work, she would then be able to be free and slide down the other side to her rewards of prosecco, and I am sure lots of invoicing.

Do you want the opportunity to be heard with your fantastic ideas and not be judged or interrupted?

Do you want to be in a place where your thoughts can run free, and ideas released you yourself have not thought about yet?

Do you want a plan to put your goals into place? How exciting could this be for you and your business?

Why not give me a call or an email to see how we can work together on you climbing your mountains, carrying out a hobby you love but are so bombarded with life this isn’t happening.

I am a great believer in if you are is a good place you and your business will thrive and also you only fail when you quit.

Releasing those blinkers or blind folds could release your brilliant ideas and you could be encouraged to set goals for you or your business. This will automatically bring you success and a great feeling of personal achievement whether that be in life or work, go on give me a call!

I am Nicola, I am ‘Your Pat on the Back Coach’, I thrive on helping people feel good about themselves.

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