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Client Examples

"If your world doesn't allow you to dream, move to one where you can."

Lisa Mallon - By Lisa

I had an amazing session with Nicola today. She is an amazing lady & coach. I am complex and my life is extremely complex at the moment. Nicola focused me, gave me time when I became upset, urged me to talk to my husband and set me on my route to achieve my dream and give me some peace of mind. I couldn't recommend her highly enough, she has become my friend, my confidant and my kick up the arse . You will not go wrong by engaging her services, she feels your pain, see's your hurdles and helps you to overcome them.

Redundacy Threat 

Hairdresser – self-employed, her husband’s threat of getting made redundant was really getting her down and she was passing this negativity onto her clients.  With listening to her concerns and several motivational sessions with me, she then focused on making her business grow, potentially earn more income to replace part of her husband’s income and to also show a positive approach with her husband if redundancy was to happen and plans on how they would deal with this together. 


Newly self-employed Graphic Designer, he left his job late last year due to various reasons, one being always the dream to be self-employed. He had lost all confidence as the younger generation at his employed job seemed to know better products for clients and their learning of a new skill seemed to be easier for them than he.  With my involvement I have given him the confidence to believe in himself again.  Train his thought process that if he doesn’t know something this can either be learnt or outsourced and the belief that it is ok not to know everything.  I have encouraged him to join a networking group to offer further support and gain business from.  Several months later he is at the point he doesn’t have time to design his own business cards as work has come flooding in.  His confidence is back, and he has bravely made his talents known in his marketplace.


Two friends and a new book launch – one is an illustrator; one is a writer.  Together they have been talking about producing a book on separation issues, they have been talking about this for ten years – after several joint and single sessions with me, I established their issues for holding back.  With the confidence I gave them to give it a try, the book is complete, they are now approaching publishers.  I also worked with another author who had experienced coaching already.  Her husband had made her a separate area in their garden for her book writing and she never when in!  After several sessions she not only went to her area, but she also wrote the book and has had it published!

Self-Limiting Belief

A lady from our initial meeting was oozing confidence, however she really struggled with cold calling, or even calling people who knew of her product.  Asking someone to meet for a coffee was a real barrier for her. Working with her we discovered she had been approached by the ‘come for a coffee’ and this person had directly sold to her which immediately put her off and the meeting weas quickly cancelled, my client then had a cemented belief in by asking people for coffee – she was directly selling to them.  She really did just want to meet for coffee and softly introduce her business if relevant. 


A new venture to someone who had ran a business before.  Her self-doubt doubt was really low due to the fact she had ran a business before, it had failed, but not through hard work and determination.  Finding the confidence to do a new business however differently took real courage and together we achieved her newfound confidence and belief that she could succeed in her new venture.


Due to circumstances out of her control a client was not able to offer a large piece of work to her client.  Overtime the belief of my clients, client not wanting her service made her feel she was not good at her job and her confidence really took a knock.  Together we worked through this and my client was then able to see firstly how this was blocking her with other clients but also her confidence grew in what she could offer the client that was in her control.  I challenged my client to call her client and a very welcome response was received.


This client felt alone in their work.  They don’t feel they can share certain thoughts or plans with their staff and or senior partners.  So, to have a sounding board, someone to talk to, someone to be their true self to, someone to share their dreams and fear without being judged, not staff, not bosses, a person by their side who they can feel safe to explore their thoughts more.

Time Management

A company were really struggling with what did they do with their day, together we looked at areas they wanted to focus on, areas they did not need to focus on.  We carried out several tasks to get to this point and it was really helpful to be clear on how their time was spent going forward.


A client leaping into self-employment.  The client did not really have a plan and they were extremely scared the first few weeks.  With a clear structure and gaol setting it is fabulous to see the results of a new lease of life in my client.

Childhood Belief 

A belief from childhood was distracting a client in her work and with clients.  The belief was the young child taking full responsibility as her mother she believed did not.  This led to my client being how she thought over controlling with her clients and questioned why.  This was hard work, not effective and was starting to put clients off.  Together we worked through this belief and the client felt so free from this experience.


This client felt her procrastination was taking over her life and she was not being constructive with her time, due to her thoughts overpowering her all the time.  Together we worked through her goals and she developed a clear structure which has helped greatly with time management. 


An estate agency client required me to assist with recruiting new staff, training/coaching existing staff, improving offices procedures and producing a training manual. This has led to staff feeling fulfilled, working a great deal better as a team and they enjoy coming to work.  Legislation is in place; procedures are now being adhered to which will ensure clients are kept informed and up to date with their large investment.  We are now looking at ways to grow the business, the basics are in place.

Staff Training

An estate agency client required me to set up new areas for selling houses over the Leicestershire area, recruiting new staff to work on their own and working very closely with a new home’s developer selling their part exchange houses.  

Once the areas are established, management of the staff ensuring training needs are met and business growth is achieved.

The agent also wishes me to be involved with training/coaching his staff and himself to improve performance within the company with better procedures and business growth.


An estate agency client required me to provide training and coaching the existing team, improving procedures, (I reduced their arrears from £100,000 to £30,000 within 4 weeks of better procedures!)  Recruiting and training to ensure the right staff are in place.  Review of all marketing literature used, created ideas for new business generation.

Lead Generation

Helping an estate agency business and staff convert more leads into actual business, why did they get a lot of valuation enquiries but after the valuation clients were going elsewhere.  Through my working with the business leader and staff it was discovered the staff attending the valuations had lack of knowledge of the local area and a general understanding and confidence of marketing and selling property.   This was coming across to clients and the client confidence was not very high, hence lack of instructions.  After confidence and knowledge training given by Nicola, this quickly resulted in better trained staff offering the client more assurance the agency was right for them and instructions increased.

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