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1:1 Coaching

"The quality of listening will ignite thinking."

What is 1:1 Coaching?  


Personal or Business Coaching is about talking, thinking and having powerful questions asked to you that you have not thought of before.  It is also an incredibly safe space for you to be you.  Thinking without judgement or opinion is truly special.  

  • Techniques may be used to help along your coaching journey

  • You may have a belief that is holding you back, together we can work through this and minimise and unlock your thoughts.  

  • You may need to be held accountable for your goals/plans and having a detached person to report to could really help focus you.  If the goals are not met, we look at why this may be and are they still important, we also will look at what have you done instead?  

  • You may be struggling with time management, do you wonder how I can get more hours from the day, together we can plan this, so you are more efficient with your time.

Coaching with Nicola will never feel like you have failed, coaching with Nicola focuses on what you have achieved and what you want to achieve or tackle next.   Nicola is here to help you along the way, she is your clear map when your destination looks a bit cloudy.


How long is a session?

This is usually 90 minutes per session, however sessions can be tailor made to what you want from 30 minutes to 180 minutes.

You may not always have immediate impact from a session during the time and quite often it is days or weeks later the impact of the session really hits you.


What can a coaching session look like?

At the start of every session certain aspects such as confidentiality and non-judgement is always clarified.  We will discuss what the objective of the session is that day, how you wish to feel when you leave the session, how you are feeling you would like to be coached and your level of challenge that day.  Every session is new, together we will ‘dance in the moment’.


How many coaching sessions will I need? 

Typically, coaching is more than one session, for example if you have had a belief for over twenty years this is very difficult to overcome and deal with in one session.  It also takes times for you to feel at ease with your coach, the relationship and trust needs time to develop to ensure you feel comfortable in your sessions.

In all sessions we will together understand the dynamics of change, create a dream, examine values, maximise motivation and set goals. 

You bring the topic; I will ask the questions you might not have thought of yet.  Together we will get you to where you want to go, I am here to help you.

Where can a coaching session take place?


A place where you are comfortable, less distractions for to be the most open and honest, the greater impact the coaching will have. 

Face to face – Telephone - Zoom – Outdoor - Your office - Mutual meeting place


What have I gained from 121 coaching?

I have found it a  safe space for me to talk without judgment, to ait my thoughts, to have time to think of what I want, how I am feeling and what action I need, it gives me the belief and encouragement to take the next step in what I may wish to do.


Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance!

Why not book a FREE 30 minutes with Nicola now to see how she can help you – please go to contact page. 

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