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Team Coaching

"The brain that contains the problem also contains the solution."

What is Team Coaching?


Nicola will work with the leader and members of a team to establish their team mission, vision, strategy, and rules of engagement with one another. The team leader and members may be coached individually to facilitate team meetings and other interactions, build the effectiveness of the group as a high-performance team, and achieve team goals.

This will depend on the subject and requirement of the coaching.  It may be that individuals have 121 coaching first, a typical team session would be for 2/3 hours per time


What effect might Team Coaching have?

A commitment to feedback as an integral part of the working in organisation

A commitment to personal and professional development

Coaching being used as development not purely remedial.

The recognition and reward for coaching and development of talent 

Building a high level of trust between individuals


What can a Team Coaching session look like?

At the start of every session certain aspects such as confidentiality and non-judgement is always clarified.  We will discuss what the objective of the session is that day, review of goals set from the last session and how the group wish to feel at the end of the session.


Where can Team Coaching take place?


A place where you are comfortable, without distractions, to enable the group to focus on each other and be open and honest, the greater impact coaching will be. 

Face to Face – Zoom – Your Offices – Outdoors 

What have I gained from Team Coaching?

To understand my team, to understand their strengths and challenges and for them to understand mine for us to work effectively  and in harmony


Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance!



Why not book a FREE 30 minutes with Nicola now to see how she can help you – please go to contact page. 

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