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Estate and Letting Agents 

"Today is a good day to have a good day."

In order to retain and gain new customers, to grow a business and its income, it is essential that the business implements procedures to allow for an efficient team which are trained and valued allowing you to retain fantastic staff members.

Clementine Business Coaching is here to help you establish the following aspects to achieve business growth, leading to the ultimate goal of selling your business, taking a deep breath and reflecting on your fabulous journey.



Aims: ֍ Motivation ֍ Progression ֍ Retention



Aims: ֍ Motivation ֍ Progression ֍ Retention        


Efficient office practice

Aims: ֍ Compliant ֍ Efficient ֍ Effective      


Client Retention

Aims: ֍ Retention Service ֍ Additional Services    


Marketing Review 

Aims: ֍ Brand Awareness ֍ Business Growth ֍ Cost Effective  


Business Development

Aims: ֍ Community ֍ Business Growth ֍ Competitors


Nicola by your side:

Aims: ֍ Your confidant ֍ Trust ֍ Experience          


Sale of Business and Life After Sales:

Aims: ֍ Your confidant ֍ Trust ֍ Experience 

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