Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. 

Lisa Mallon - By Lisa

I had an amazing session with Nicola today. She is an amazing lady & coach. I am complex and my life is extremely complex at the moment. Nicola focused me, gave me time when I became upset, urged me to talk to my husband and set me on my route to achieve my dream and give me some peace of mind. I couldn't recommend her highly enough, she has become my friend, my confidant and my kick up the arse . You will not go wrong by engaging her services, she feels your pain, see's your hurdles and helps you to overcome them.

Anita Same - UW Partner

I attended a recent coaching group session run by Nicola. Nicola gave very constructive advice which I have taken on board. She was not judgemental and her coaching experience shone through. I would definitely recommend Nicola's services to anyone who wishes to move their business forward.

Sapna Bast-Boverhoff, Reign Real Estate Limited

Nicola has been a fantastic mentor and coach for the last few months since becoming a client! Helping to achieve new business goals and streamline processes and motivating me to ensure I get things done! Absolute pleasure to work with you Nicola and cannot wait for 2021, thank you!!

Mandy Noss - Cabi Stylist

What a journey we shared last year.
I looked forward to our meetings each month so I could share just how much I had progressed with my business since we last met.
 The time we spent together flew and it felt like I was chatting with a friend and we were so productive. During our time together it became very apparent that one of my obstacles when talking to like-minded women about what an amazing career opportunity Cabi was, was an unpleasant experience I had had with someone in direct sales. I didn’t want what hold so dear to my heart, to be tarnished with the same brush. Though only knows why I thought that, we are poles apart. We addressed this by reframing that original conversation and boy, what a difference. I might have felt a bit daft standing there talking to that imaginary person for a nano second, but overcoming this obstacle has allowed me to share my passion without feeling anxious. I can’t thank Nicola enough.

Anna Morrish - Quibble

Nicola is a fantastic coach. She listens. Essentially she takes you on a journey to refocus your mind and rearrange your thoughts to become the best version of you. I've taken away a variety of mechanisms to overcome challenges in my work life that will also impact my personal wellbeing. Being able to do the coaching sessions online made it really accessible. Nicola has a natural positive warmth that radiates from her, making it easy to open up and discuss both the good and the bad. I have no hesitation in recommending her coaching to business owners, managers or those just looking for some guidance.

Tracy Duggan - Skills Enterprise

You are a ray of sunshine and boost of energy! Love working with you and here’s to many years of that!

Hannah Hickinbotham - The Full of Beans Podcast

Given that Nicola is my mum, most people would suggest that coaching your daughter is a massive no! You may also think I’m biased, however our family runs on perfectionism and I want my mum to achieve, so I’d tell her if she wasn’t quite up to scratch. 

Nicola is incredible, she is warm, patient, understanding and not afraid to ask questions she believes will help you along your coaching journey. I am a recent graduate seeking employment and the coaching I have completed with Nicola has enabled me to remember all of the fantastic qualities I will bring to my future employer. More importantly, Nicola helped me to find the confidence within to apply for my dream company… and I’m now on the second round of interviews!

Nicola is an extremely natural coach, she knows the relevant questions to ask you in order to delve into subconscious thoughts which may be holding you back. She is extremely caring and supportive, assisting you each way of the coaching process to ensure you are comfortable with the speed of progression. 

If something is holding you back within your business or personal life, I urge you to consider coaching with Nicola. She will open your eyes to a new self, someone who can succeed and is excited for the future. She will support you, encourage you and be as excited as you are with regards to your next step in life. 

Rosie O'Hanlon - Westcotes Wills

Nicola has a wonderful warmth and is able to put you at ease.  She is clear about the process and how she can support you.  Her approach to coaching helped me identify an area I didn’t think I was that bothered about on the surface but actually underneath it was having a significant impact on my wellbeing.  As a result of our session, I have put an action plan in place, and Nicola is keeping me accountable, so I am on track to achieve my goal towards the end of February.  

I highly recommend Nicola as a coach and mentor.  She is approachable, friendly, and able to support you to recognise what is important and help you to make a plan that works for you.

Marcel Becker - Section Leader Double Bass of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

I have been coached by Nicola regularly over the last year. Her energetic style, combined with a positive and optimistic personality creates a forward motion in the coaching process that really helps when you feel stuck.
She does not shy off from challenging her client and supports the processes of entanglement and dissociation from their "life story" in a very effective way. I can highly recommend choosing her as your "thinking partner".

Carl Murch - Graphic Action

When you asked me to participate in your coaching sessions I saw this as a great opportunity to draw on your vast business expertise and to see if we could develop my business together. As well as being a great help to me during our coaching sessions, your persona put me at ease allowing ideas and conversation to flow, you’re a great listener.
We first addressed my main issue which was to attract more clients by getting my website live, you gave me wise advise and encouragement on achieving this goal. You also identified the barriers that I throw up which could potentially narrow work opportunities.
Our coaching sessions have included periods of reflection whereby I elaborate on my achievements and goals, this has had a positive effect on me and given me the incentive to accomplish those goals in a given time. By showing a great sense of understanding, you have made problems easy to dismantle with insightful suggestions. I have enjoyed our experience together, and I must say that during and at the end of each session I feel motivated and charged to deal with my up and coming challenges.
At the start of the coaching sessions I had a goal of progressing my business but I hadn’t taken into consideration any personal growth, with diagrams and exercises you have shown me that a balance has to be achieved for both areas to succeed. Other lessons I have learnt during our sessions was that I was too focused on looking forwards that I forgot to look back. Looking back and reflecting where I’ve come from has given me the confidence to believe that goals can be achieved. Setting goals for the future has taught me to be accountable to myself, you can only effect what you can do, so don’t beat yourself up over things that are out of your control.
Thank you for all your support.

Steve Thrower - Marble Property Services 

12 Months ago all businesses entered an uncertain time, that to some extent continues to this day. However at the same period we had the good fortune to appoint Nicola at Clementine Business Coaching, to undertake a variety of property and training tasks for our company.
From writing a manual to greater understand our lettings business, to acting as coach and relief manager to some of our colleagues in unusual circumstances, Nicola has proven to be a valuable member of our extended family. She is always happy to roll her sleeves up and assist wherever there is the greatest need.
Thankfully we have moved from the crisis footing created by various circumstances, to one of constant improvement, with one eye on compliance, legislation and business generation and Nicola has helped us develop the processes and procedures to take us to the next level. At the same time being at the forefront of training and technological initiatives necessary in these ‘interesting days’.
She has held successful training, 121’s and coaching sessions with staff. She also is excellent at spotting training requirements for my staff to improve the business performance further. When to run a business these days one needs ‘helicopter vision’, eyes in the back of your head and a ‘6th sense’, Nicola complements my own intuitions and strategic view with a real time oversight of both my colleagues needs and evolving business objectives and she has proven to be a loyal and trusted confidante.
It would be impossible to list all the areas where Nicola has had an impact on our business, but she has been an invaluable resource at a most opportune time.

Sandra Killick - Travel Counsellors

Just talking with Nicola gave me a boost and made me feel clearer in terms of actions to take around my business.  I had a particular mental block and I’ve now managed to overcome that by at first putting it on one side and focussing on actions to restore my confidence and then by being given that little push by Nicola to face up to doing what I’d been putting off for months.
You radiate positivity and energy but also you have an inherent skill in making people feel comfortable and to believe from the first session that there is a safe, non-judgemental space to talk through concerns. 
Excellent listener – which includes the ability to ask the right questions to ensure you’ve understood the issues/topic.

Payal Walker - Business Matchmaker 

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nicola for just over 3 years. From the minute we met, our values, passion and drive were similar and a 1-2-1 over a coffee soon developed into a mutual respected friendship.

Nicola has over 30 years of experience within the property industry and her drive and passion for supporting fellow property industry shines through everything she achieves for others.

Nicola’s determination to assist others has evolved into her becoming a successful business coach who constantly strives to make a difference. She is a passionate learner with self-development being an important factor, ultimately for supporting her clients.

I can thoroughly recommend Nicola as a business coach and property expert and would not hesitate to refer her.

Caroline Hunte, Circles Network 

Professional, approachable and engaging. First class coaching experience. Would highly recommend

Sam Wilson Powell, Personal and Executive Coach 

I really enjoyed our session yesterday. I was telling my husband how refreshing it felt to be coached by you. 


I like your style, your energy and feel fortunate to have been paired up with you - especially at this particular point in my career. 

Fahimah Adam, No. 7 Legal Services

I had a really insightful conversation with Nicola about time management. I like to think I am pretty good at managing my time well already but our conversation led to the realisation that I could make some things much easier and less taxing on my brain. Speaking to Nicola I felt really relaxed as it was conversational and I didn't feel like I was being told what to do. She's a really good listener and I felt like she was making no assumptions about me. I think she could see that I'm good with time management but she had an idea which would take it to another level and help me feel lighter in my work week. I'm looking forward to speaking with her again soon. 

Sam Wilson-Powell, Coaching First

Working with Nicola was a breath of fresh air. I am a coach myself and I found Nicola’s style and
presence really warm, natural and supportive.
It’s not always easy to coach a coach - but Nicola was patient, gave me plenty of space to work
through my thoughts and she was happy to share some practical tips, which I found very helpful.
Nicola also sent me some lovely hand-drawn illustrations after some of our sessions, which was a
lovely touch, as well as being a useful summary of the work covered and the points I’d highlighted
as being actions I wanted to commit to.
So if you are after a coach who is down to earth, bubbly, straight-talking and encouraging, Nicola
might be just the woman you’re looking for…

Rebecca Stevens, Business Psychologist and Coach 

As an experienced small business owner herself, I've found Nicola really helpful when she has coached me. She has an enquiring mind and helped me explore my own barriers and beliefs in tackling some of my business challenges. I felt I could really open up and trust her, as I know she understands the pains and highs and lows of being self-employed, having built a successful business herself before she moved into coaching. She has so much energy it's infectious and she has helped me find the motivation and confidence to face into my business growth challenges with new insight

Lauren Lane, ACC 

Nicola’s coaching style is to give you space but to give you suggestions where helpful. She has a real love for what she does and her fun personality shines through making her sessions enjoyable. I was particularly triggered in one of our sessions by something I was working on and Nicola made me feel really safe as we worked through the topic. If you are looking for accountability, a supporting guide with lots of zest then reach out to Nicola! 

Stephanie Smith, Associate Partner of St James Place Wealth Management 

I had a particular business challenge I wanted to work through and with Nicola’s skilful coaching style I came out of the session with a clear direction and some useful tools to help me. She has a very positive and personable approach, is a great listener and has a genuine desire to help you achieve your best whether in business or personal circumstances

Christopher Merriman, Merriman Property 

I  have been coached for a number of years and I find it is essential to my development as well as business growth. As I run my own business there is no distinction between personal development and business growth as without one there is no other. I have used expensive coaches and the not so and to me Clementine are worth every pound I have invested with them.

In each session I gain clarity and receive confirmation of the value of my current thoughts and activity or offered alternative direction.  Clementine are very skilled at making me feel like the ideas are mine when they are not!

Clementine have restored my energy and enthusiasm by facilitating clear thinking and greater confidence. 


His description of me as a coach:  

Whilst you have an easy going manner yet you have an agenda and don’t allow the session to wander unnecessarily. You have a solid depth of knowledge of your role plus you have business world experience

Clarity, confidence and knowledge