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Is it ok to be your real you?

Is that ok? Who has the right to say it is not ok? Do you have little monsters in your head saying you are to be a certain person?

Do we have to be something we are not? How can we have the confidence to be ourselves and believe in ourselves?

I talked in a recent blog about being the real me, how fabulous that made me feel and I would now love to help others who may not wish to wait to be real until they are also 51!

I changed my career at 50 and have finally found being the real me is ok, I am thoroughly enjoying the road I have chosen to go down. But at what point are we confident to be real? Do we have to be 50? Can we be 80? Can we be 20? Who sets the age to be real? Why can’t we do this whenever we want? Is there something stopping you being the real you and you would like to fee free?

In the last 12 months of my development as a Business/Personal coach, I question have I been the real me? What does being real mean? How confident am I to be real? It’s a funny old thing but the more you tend to learn, the more you can adapt your new skills to how you wish to be develop and the more natural you are with your new found skill the more benefit this can be to others.

A few years ago I started cycling, and I remember going on a bike ride with a friend who had a very super-duper bike, as I was struggling up the hills it seemed to look really easy to him, he was fitter than me, and I worked out that the better the bike the easier the hills are but when you set out on your new journey you don’t necessarily have the tools to know this. How can we learn from the offset that its ok to be real and that learning a new skill should not change us but enhance us?

I feel my cycling experience is the same about learning something new, the more you know, the more you practice the easy it becomes and the more natural you can be.

So it is a hard lesson as to be more natural, more yourself, it is felt that you do have to have the knowledge to adapt the skills you learn into how you wish to portray yourself in person and in your business.

Wouldn’t it be magical to learn a new skill and be yourself from the start, who says we can’t? If you have the right mindset, the confidence in yourself, anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to and it’s all about believing in yourself, the knowledge of the product will come over time.

So if you whether you are learning new skills, wanting to jump into 2021 with great plans, happy with your skill but wish to move to the next level, believe in yourself, you’ve got this, no one else is as good as you and by being natural will attract others to you in bucket loads, sometimes trying too hard and not being real will put people off.

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