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What is coaching

Nicola Hickinbotham – Clementine Business Coaching – Coaching Summary

Coaching provides the opportunity for you to take part in a thought-provoking and creative process, inspiring you to maximise your personal and professional potential. With me you enter a unique professional relationship that empowers you to achieve your desired goals. As your coach, I do not provide answers and solutions; I am not an expert in how best to live your life. Instead, I believe you have the tools to design and create your own actions that will lead you to where you want to go. Through the transformative power of coaching, you can be your own superhero.

Coaching is not…

Although some skills may be similar, coaching is not counselling, therapy, mentoring or consultancy. Using the analogy of driving a car, counselling and therapy may involve looking in the rear-view mirror, examining past experiences and alleviating pain from these experiences. Mentoring and consultancy can be likened to learning to drive; a mentor or consultant guides and teaches how to perform the actions necessary to move the vehicle, telling you how to achieve the best outcome. On the other hand, coaching involves you being in the driver’s seat. As your companion on your journey, I will trust that you have all of the resources necessary to move yourself forward to your designated destination. You may look in the rear-view mirror occasionally to guide yourself forward, identifying how past experiences can bring you strength and knowledge in what is best for you now. However, coaching is ultimately about looking forward, driving you towards your future goal.

How does coaching work?

As your coach, I shall support you on your journey using a range of tools and techniques that have been tried and tested. All coaching sessions follow the International Coach Federation’s competency guidelines but remain tailored to you. Through profound questioning and the space and time to explore, we can uncover limiting beliefs, explores key values and create actions that you can accomplish. Confidentiality, trust and authenticity and key to a successful coaching relationship.

A bit about me and Clementine

The colour orange is shaped by the characteristics of, enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, success, encouragement and stimulation, therefore, allowing Clementine to help you refresh and grow your business.

I set up my own business some 12 years ago, Strawberry Lettings and Sales Ltd, we became very well known as an honest, friendly, professional Estates and Letting Agent. The business was set up from my garage with no financial backing, we then moved to a rented, small shop frontage and then 4 years into the business Strawberry Cottage became our permanent home. Within this time, I dealt with many issues of running a business, a lot of good days and some terrible days, but my motivation came from that I had created this and my hard work would be a huge reward one day!

I gained a great deal of experience, learnt what works and what does not. I was very proud to be the owner of a very well thought of business that people still recall wherever I go, and they always smile.

Having established a large portfolio of residential lettings and became a market leader in the area for selling and letting I reached a point of wishing to sell, so after 11 years, employing both myself, husband, daughter and 6 staff the business was sold.

I am now ready to share my business skills, motivation, enthusiasm, and friendliness by listening and helping others who wish to become the best version of themselves in their life and business.

I am currently completing an accredited training course with Barefoot Coaching and a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching with the University of Chester.

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