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Time Management!

Do you know what you are worth??

In many of my coaching sessions I am constantly met with people who struggle with managing their time effectively. A large part of this time is spent focused on areas that may not be effective to their business, but until they take some time to reflect, it’s not always obvious. This ineffective use of time can then be passed onto their staff who mirror how their boss works, ultimately leading to a great deal of time wasted and money lost.

I worked with a client last week who was really struggling to find the time she needed for her business within her working week. They got to the point that they were working until 10pm at night. I know that some people are night owls and work more productively in the evening, but this wasn’t the case as they were working extremely long hours. My client had got to the point that they were so worried about fitting everything in, they were losing valuable time and getting much less done than they could be.

We looked at their week, their immediate and long term goals, and everything they wanted to achieve in both her working and personal week. By looking at her week on a whole, and not just the business side of things, this reduced the ‘guilt’ of not spending enough time on her business as we ensured each area of her life was given the appropriate and required amount of time. We also explored what was useful and counterproductive within their current working day to ensure we were optimising their time efficiently.

It is very important to do things that you enjoy in life, however it’s also important to remember that not every task will bring instant joy. Effective use of your time doesn’t always mean working, but it can also mean delegating tasks to other members of staff and using other individuals’ strengths in order to help your business grow. It’s also crucial that you fit in activities outside of work for your mental wellbeing. Ensuring that you implement life and self-care.

I have listed some questions below which may help you in reflecting on your time management and the progression of your business:

- Do you feel like you are spending hours working on something but not making money from it?

- Have the actions you have taken during your working week aligned with your weekly goals?

- Do you reflect on why certain aspects of your business are not making the money they should be?

- Do you ever reflect on a working week and think about how you could’ve improved it to be more productive?

- Do you log the hours that you work and detail specific tasks so that you can reflect and abandon the guilt you feel about not working?

- Do you work out your hourly rate, or even know how to work this out?

Last week, my client arrived at their Time Management session and I asked them what weather they felt like, they said a ‘cloud’. By the time they left the session 30 minutes later, I asked them the same question and she said their weather now felt like ‘sunshine’.

To find out more and focus on your goals, your week, your hourly rate why not book in a FREE 30 minutes with me. My specific Time Management coaching sessions could help you to organise, plan and motivate yourself to contribute to a much more efficient and successful future you!

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