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How can I help an Estate Agent grow their business?

Estate Agents sometimes get a bad rep. You hear people say, “their fees are so high!” and “what do they do for their money?”

One aspect to focus on where I can help to increase as Agents excellent customer service is staff. Staff turnover is quite high in estate agency, but why is this? Is staff turnover a lack of training, motivation, salary or career development? It may be possible that with more training your staff members would be more productive in their work which would enhance your business. Therefore, you may earn more, and you may pay them more! And your fees will not be questioned, and clients will know what you do for your money. Everyone is a winner.

Over the last few months, I am sure some Agents may have had to make their staff redundant which is awful for all concerned. A number of questions may be racing through your mind. How will your staff members find time to complete the tasks of your previous employees on top of their own work schedule? Is it time to look at outsourcing keys jobs? Where do you start in finding someone who knows all aspects of running an agency, but doesn’t want a full-time job? Well, you’ve come to the right place… Look no further!

I have over 30 years’ experience within the property industry through working for a family business, a large corporate business, two independent businesses and my own estate agency. The experience of working for such a broad array of estate agents has provided me with the knowledge of how to (and how not to) run an estate agency, no matter how big or small. Using the skill set I have developed, I am now able to share my experience with a selection of Agents wanting to develop, change, improve and grow their business.

I find the best way to start working with an agent is to see how the staff operate, the current training and in house and client procedures. I like to find out what is working for your business, where you see room for improvement and then discuss this with you to determine how together we can help your business grow.

I have listed below a few of the questions I initially ask when working with an agent to determine how their business currently runs:

- Do you present properties in a way your customers would want to read and view to ensure they are attracted to view?

- Do you have a second set of eyes on a new property to ensure the details are correct and inspiring?

- Do you carry out regular rent reviews?

- Do you ever look at increasing your fees?

- Do you believe in yourself and your team to warrant increasing your fees?

- Do you know what your competitors are charging?

- Do you know your staff, how they like to work and what keeps them motivated?

- Do you train new and existing staff?

I would be delighted to talk to you on how I can help. Please feel free to email me on, or call me on 07599 598965.

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