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2020 has been a huge challenge for us all. In business, whilst some have been able to adapt and see a huge success, others have had to close their doors. Whatever has happened, we can all agree that 2020 has certainly been different to what we expected.

The property industry has equally been different to what was expected. In the first Lockdown we saw the property market be put on hold. Over 82 Billion pounds worth of property transactions were put on hold, no one could sell or let their house, and no one could view a property. A few properties were rented with Tenants not viewing them before signing the contract but other than that Estate and Letting Agents were stuck.

Once the property market was open for business there was an incredible surge especially the sales market. However, what will happen over the next coming months is anyone’s guess.

Are prices now to high due to temporary demand? Will prices come crashing down when lenders will not agree to the purchase price? What mortgage products will be available? How long will the average sale take you now as there is such a back log? What will agents do come January 2021, when they are talking about the EPC guidelines for Rental Properties going from a E to a D? Will all your managed properties have an EICR in time for the deadline?

There are so many rules Agents have to adhere to nowadays, but this doesn’t even consider running a business, retaining/motivating/training good quality staff and ensuring the business remains in profit etc.

So, how can I help? Running your own business successfully, you naturally become great at adapting and recognising opportunities which may not be obvious to some. I can help with making staff more resourceful by better training and knowledge of the property market. I can help you look at your income and costs. I can help you be more successful in marketing to make sure your money is best spent, to name but a few.

I have worked in the property industry for over 30 years including working within a family, a corporate, an independent and my own business. This has included Sales, Lettings and Relocation around the UK. During this time, I gained considerable experience within the Property Industry and the knowledge of running a successful business with managing many staff members.

I now want to use my own experience of successful business management to help other property business on a consultancy basis. I am here to help Agents retain existing business, develop business opportunities for further growth, retain, motivate and train your staff, Managers and Directors. Help Agent have efficient office operating procedures and many more essential aspects of growing a business.

To retain customers and grow a business it is essential that procedures are implemented to create an efficiently trained team. By creating a positive workspace, staff will provide high quality experience and stay within your business to save both time and money for you in continually recruiting. Do you have the time or experience to do time this? Maybe I can help you.

Please feel free to make contact with me for a no obligation chat about how I can help.

Happy Staff à Happy Clients à Happy Bank Accountant

More Efficient à More Profitable à Business Growth

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