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Relocation is by no means a new service being offered by Clementine, it’s something Nicola has been involved in for 40 years!


Whilst we might believe that we are now much more mobile when it comes to work, relocation of employees started back in the 1980s when companies restructured and moved their offices to areas which were more economically attractive or centrally located. 


Home Search played a very important part in the Relocation service offered, ensuring the employer was familiar with their new area, choosing the right location for their family and generally settling quick to give the employer 100% commitment to their job. If the employee was from overseas an in-depth look at more cultural aspects of local life, including the finer detail of the education system and even the produce available at nearby supermarkets was shown!


Tax implications changed quite dramatically in the 1990s and relocation packages were either no longer offered or were much reduced in generosity. 


Our role at this time was no less important and we found ourselves working hard on behalf of the employee directly.  We adapted and secured the best available high-quality rental property and helping with local familiarisation as before, still ensuring the settlement was prompt and minimum disruption to family life.


Clementine Relocation Service


Nicola has a great reputation for going the extra mile for her clients and her relocation service is no exception to this. She has the experience, local knowledge and the right attitude to make sure that she provides those who are relocating with exactly what they need prior to, during and after the big move.

The following services are available throughout the UK: 


  • Sourcing the property – pre-screening, viewing, making offers and move in

  • Area/Familiarization tours – an essential part of the relocation process, ensuring the client is familiar with their new area.

  • Sales – from offer to completion 

  • Lettings – from applying to move in

  • Schooling – from visit to morning registration 

  • Other services available are - Check in/Check out, Furniture rental, Groceries. 


….and more, everything is tailor-made to ensure the clients move is seamless!

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