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Are you safe to go on holiday???

No, I am not a travel agent or expert, I am a business and personal coach helping people be the best they can be. However, this question I feel needs addressing as I myself have doubts about the question – or did!

I know I am not alone in not having a holiday for such a long time, and I think I have been so much more ‘available’ over the last 18 months than usual. Setting up a new business takes time, effort and we put huge pressure upon ourselves that every potential lead must be followed through that instant otherwise that potential client could well be lost. We have also gained more time by working online, not having to travel is fantastic, but we are now missing the time between meetings to potentially have some down time. Listen to the radio while going to the next appointment for example. I have quite often had one Zoom 10/11 with another starting at 11. I have not thought of giving myself a few minutes break, getting ready for the next meeting, as it all seems too easy to cram as much as possible into the day.

We all had to adjust very quickly in the first lockdown and there wasn’t much thought to wellbeing, more to survival of still earning a living!

I feel this has all come at a price, my mind was constantly running on overdrive, but the fuel tank was getting lower and not refilling! Even though, I felt I was looking after myself as I walk 5 miles every day, giving my head free space, I now look back and don’t feel I did I ever fully switch off.

So, when restrictions allowed, having changed the dates four times I did the unthinkable and went on holiday for TWO WEEKS!!! Let me share a secret with you, I still have a business now I am back, I still have clients now I am back, my clients all wished me a great time – its ok to have a break!!

Whilst I was away, I checked my emails once a day for a few minutes and unless there was anything urgent, I did not reply. I announced on social media that I was going offline for a couple of weeks, I am not sure that anyone was upset by this, but by doing this I allowed myself permission to not be online, this I found really helped me switch off.

For two weeks I did not think about the business, I read books (none work related), I read magazines (none work related) and I watched films in the evening after a day of walking the Anglesey Coastline, I gave myself a break, and I slept so well! I had been convinced I was going through the menopause due to lack of sleep and had even got the HRT patches at the ready!

On return, I feel so completely refreshed and revitalised, and do you know what my business is fine. I firmly believe my business will benefit from my break to. I have new ideas for my business. I have had chance to plan where I want my business to go next. I have had chance to look at what I am doing with my business and question am I on the right path and if not, which path do I want to go down.

I have also realised since my return that my way of working with my coaching business is very different from my Estate Agency, in addition my planned coaching business is very different now due to Covid and how I work. I have never reflected on this.

The break from worrying about where I get my next client from, am I good enough, if I don’t respond to an email at 10pm I will lose the client etc etc have gone and I am going to work very hard at this not reappearing. It feels so refreshing to be aware of this, just now need to maintain it.

I absolutely love my coaching business and will do everything I can to help my clients, BUT I also know working over lunch, working till late at night, being stressed and short with my loved ones is all not good.

A good work / life balance takes a while to achieve and taking time away (longest holiday gap ever) has had really big impact.

I know I can sleep at night; I know its ok to sit and read a book or watch the wildlife, I know it is ok to look after me – that is the first thing I would tell a client! Look after you and everything else will be ok!

I have since back booked the next two holidays as I know how much good they do, they don’t need to be lavish at all. In fact, the less expensive holidays tend to be the best ones in my experience as you have low expectations that usually end up being the most memorable.

I hope this blog helps you book that next holiday! Go on go for it, you deserve it, and I am confident you will be in a better place for you, your business and your clients on your return.

If you want some help making this decision and allowing your self to have a holiday, please feel free to book a FREE 30 minutes with me.

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